Tech Support Outsourcing

Custom L1, L2 & L3
Tech Support

We cover all areas of tech support from frontline troubleshooting to more complex requests such as checking or customizing code, software or hardware updates, re-installs, and more.

We Support All Channels

On-Demand Tech Support, Tailored for Your Business

Technical Support for Your Industry
We work with SaaS, Fintech, eComm, HealthTech, Tech, and Startup companies to tackle backlogs and expand their support coverage across all tiers. Our frontline T1 agents are expertly trained to escalate tickets to more specialized, critical assistance requests (T2-T3).
Seamless Platform Integration
We integrate our tech stack with yours after undergoing a thorough security check and compliance review. Nothing is more important than the protection and security of yours and your customers’ data.
Management, QA, and Process Solutions Included
We don’t just build out your dream support team, we assign team leads to regularly manage and provide ongoing feedback to all agents. We also build and operationalize world-class CS processes that are yours to keep, forever.

How it works

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Team Training

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Flexible, Affordable Support That Scales With You

No long term contracts, no minimum number of agents required to get started. We understand support is a dynamic need that can change month to month – we scale up or down with you, based on your unique business needs.

Save 70% on Support Costs