What outsourcing services does Ethos Support offer?

We are obsessed with delivering world-class Customer Experiences, so we provide outsourced teams that do just that. This includes Customer Support, Technical Support, Content Moderation, Data Management, and Back-Office support.

Where is Ethos Support located?

We are headquartered in Austin, Texas. As a company founded during the pandemic, we primarily operate by providing remote support teams. The bulk of our agents are in the Philippines; however, we also offer US, Eastern Europe, and Latin American based agents, based on your language and time zone requirements.

How do I get started with Ethos Support?

First, provide your information to our team and we will promptly reach out to schedule an intro. We will gather some information about your requirements and quickly turn around a custom proposal for your review.

Once approved, we will get moving on the heavy lifting. A dedicated Onboarding Specialist will guide you through a seamless process while we hire, onboard, and train your agents to start delivering world-class support. This includes a series of necessary calls around onboarding, IT, and training, before officially kicking off our partnership.

Do I receive updates regarding support? How often?

Absolutely! We utilize a best-in-class CX tech stack to provide you with all the metrics and insights you need to monitor your support. We also assign US-based Customer Success Managers (CSMs) to meet with you regularly to provide updates and work through any questions or changes that occur.

What contract terms does Ethos Support offer?

Very much in line with our reputation as the world’s most flexible outsourcer, we offer Evergreen Contracts that can be discontinued with a moderate notice period.

What is the difference between Core and Custom?

Core is delivered using a “shared team,” which is a collaborative team of agents that works together to support customers across multiple brands. We leverage a best-in-class CX tech stack and maintain rigorous processes to deliver highly personalized and on-brand experiences. This offering is designed for scaling businesses receiving ~10-20 tickets on chat/email per business day, looking for support during weekday business hours.

Custom is delivered using a “dedicated team,” which is a team of custom agents hired specifically for your brand. This custom-built support team exclusively supports your brand and can provide up to 24/7 support across all channels (phone, chat, email, social, etc.). We manage all hiring, onboarding, and training to deliver world-class, on-brand support to your customers.

What languages do you support?

We primarily offer English and Spanish support, with plans to expand to other common languages in the coming months.

What time zones do you support?

We provide 24/7 support! Many of our clients use us to augment their team to extend night and weekend support to their customers.