Why You Should Outsource Customer Support in 2024

ethos December party 2023

Is your customer support (CS) department starting to resemble a 24/7 support group for frustrated customers? Well, you are not alone. 68% of consumers say they are willing to pay more for products and services from a brand that offers good customer service experiences. But, on the flip side, this same experience can lead to a whole lot of losses if it is not up to the standards your company has set for its products. In a technology-driven society like ours, customers have high expectations and they lack patience for incompetent teams, inadequate communication channels, and inconsiderate agents. Here are some brief examples of how bad customer service looks in different niches.

  1. Chasing Shadows: When the company is difficult for customers to reach

    Customer care is always a button away, or at least that’s what the customers are made to believe when the actual wait time takes an entire eternity. Consequence? Customers lose patience and the probability that they switch to a competitor increases twofold.

  2. Engagement overdose: When the company goes too far in assisting the customer

    Too little makes the customer impatient while too much makes the company seem desperate. Oftentimes a request like opting to cancel a subscription can lead to agents trying to retain the customers by hook or crook.

  3. Data Limbo: When companies build information silos

    Combining customer data is already a tricky task and silos don’t help. If CS teams fight between themselves for information, how can they efficiently fix customer grievances? The exchange of information between departments becomes key in situations like these.

There are many more examples, but the fundamental essence remains the same. Customer Service is a herculean task and while many enterprise-level companies choose to do it in-house, it still becomes a substantial burden to manage the quality and efficiency of communication on a global scale. And this is where Outsourced Customer Teams come in.

Why Customer Service Outsourcing Is Poised to Scale New Heights in 2024?

An average 4-person customer support team will cost an enterprise somewhere around $200,000 (per year) while the same quality and communication can be achieved within less than half that cost, with an outsourced team of professionals. Moreover, nearly 88% of customers have higher expectations than before and this trajectory is going to further rise in 2024. Since customer satisfaction is only going to become even more of a priority, companies already are and will be looking at solutions that provide top-tier, personalized support at feasible costs. Plus BPOs like Ethos Support now provide fully trained CS teams in 2 weeks on average, so companies don’t have to ponder over training and quality control.

Lately, outsourcing seems less like finding a lifeline and more like a turbo boost for enterprises aiming to sprint ahead. Enterprises all over the globe are looking at AI to outsource menial operations and the overall sentiment towards this outlook has become increasingly positive. Whether it’s a Shared or Dedicated customer support model, there’s always a versatile solution tailored to fit the ever-shifting needs of modern businesses.

Phew, so now that we have covered the basics, let’s dissect the top 5 reasons why you, a savvy customer satisfaction representative of an enterprise, should outsource customer support in 2024.

Five Reasons Why You Should Outsource Customer Support in 2024

The Evolution Of Business Landscape

AI has already taken the industry by storm. And with AI came automation, in full force. From smart homes to cutting-edge manufacturing, automation is spreading like wildfire, crossing industrial boundaries. So while these changes can be excruciating to keep track of, outsourced BPOs are usually well-equipped with external service providers who are adept at navigating these technological advancements.

A Cost-Effective Solution For Lean Companies

Businesses need to keep up with their competitors and owning the development of a support team is more reminiscent of a solution that adds to the resource burden. Therefore, outsourced teams provide efficient segues for companies to save costs while also pertaining to the highest standards of customer satisfaction.

Outsourcing Support Leads To Enhanced Customer Satisfaction

Right outsourcing partners can be a bit difficult to find, but a solution that fits perfectly pays off big time for the bottom line. Outsourced support reps are trained in not just one but several different use cases, making them robust and adaptable to even the most difficult-to-comprehend products and services. Plus the flexibility of these teams allows them to scale the service on an on-demand basis, whenever the resources are stretched to their peak.

It is also imperative for contracts to define qualitative behavioral expectations. And while number-driven contracts can be a hassle in outsourced agencies, Ethos Support prioritizes CX above all else to create an all-rounded service, primarily built for the customers.

Outsourced CX Teams Help Mitigate Employee Burnout

Internal teams are usually thinly stretched with responsibilities and deadlines, so the burden of supporting customers can heavily dawn on their mental health. By outsourcing, businesses can mitigate the pressure off their employees and make sure that they are focusing on key strategic responsibilities that are more aligned towards scaling and revenue generation. This also helps facilitate a much more sustainable work environment.

A Big Pro In The Era Of Globalization

As mentioned above, companies are going global and scaling cultural borders, and the ability to communicate effectively with a diverse and global customer base is paramount. Navigating international markets necessitates a thorough understanding of regional trends, preferences, and regulations.

Outsourcing partners frequently bring valuable insights into these markets, assisting businesses in developing effective growth strategies. Companies can make informed decisions that resonate with local audiences by leveraging the expertise of an outsourced customer support team.

Looking ahead towards the future of Outsourcing Customer Services and BPOs

In conclusion, outsourcing customer support in 2024 emerges as a pragmatic solution to the multifaceted challenges faced by businesses. From juggling tech advancements and cross-cultural hurdles to acing the cost-effectiveness game and keeping employees in zen mode, BPOs like Ethos Support are changing the game for good and companies are steadily taking notice.

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